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Pest Control Allen, TX

Pest control is a much needed service and Prestige Pest Services, Inc. is available for all your pest problems. Insects can be helpful to the environment in certain situations, but when you start seeing them invade your home or business there is always a bit of anxiety.  Putting pests to rest is a priority for us for the unwanted critters and creatures that want to make your home their home.

Prestige Pest Services, Inc. treats a wide variety of insects, termites, rodents, and pests that can cause problems to your house and yard. We treat and prevent pests from returning for season long protection. We also keep in mind that babies, pets, and sensitive plants may be part of your environment, and utilize our knowledge and eco-friendly products to prevent and treat pest without harming plants or humans.

Common Pests in North Texas include the following:

  • Ants  - Fire Ants, Carpenter Ants, Crazy Ants
  • Termites
  • Bees/Wasp – Honey Bees, Paper Wasps, Mexican Honey Wasp, Hornets, Carpenter Bees, Bumble, Yellow Jackets
  • Beetles /Roaches
  • Centipedes/Millipedes
  • Grasshoppers/Crickets
  • Chiggers/Fleas/Ticks/Mites
  • Bed Bugs
  • Mosquitos
  • Scorpions
  • Spiders – Black Widow, Brown Recluse, Tarantula, Wolf
  • Flies/Moths
  • Rats –Field Mice

Regardless of what kind of insect, pests, or rodent is bothering you, Prestige Pest Services, Inc. is available to treat and prevent pests at an affordable price. Call Mark Gilbert at 972-896-2766 for a FREE estimate and to schedule quality pest control service.

Prestige Pest Services, Inc. proudly serves Allen, McKinney, Wylie, Fairview, Frisco, Lucas, Parker, Plano, and Princeton, Texas.  We look forward to providing you with extraordinary customer satisfaction and putting pests to rest at your house or business.